Through my previous projects I realised the era in which art deco was around truly inspired my ideas to flow and create garments in certain areas of art deco that inspired me and I was pleased with my research as it helped me to understand what I could change and adapt within my work. I had begun designing in the 1920s style and I realised I wanted it to show and bring through the art deco theme, but I always wanted it to have a fresh new feeling. The shapes of my garments are still fully designed in the 1920s style but through pattern cutting and styling I have updated the garments to offer a sense of vintage and modern which work well together.

The colour palette took me weeks of changing, I had begun creating colourways to help me visualise the colours on my garments, I had originally wanted all the colours to be light and pastel throughout to fit the Spring/Summer time I was opting for, but then I realised shades of greys and black contrasted well with the shiny purples and pinks I was adding. Through making moodboards I realised how my imagery would take my work further and create a deeper understanding for my project.


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