FMP Photoshoot: Look 3

My art deco theme really came through on this design, I wanted my dress to be very elegant and timeless. The colour was chosen carefully to go with my digital print. The digital print was a marble effect and it was on the dress collar which could be worn either sides. The buttons were also … Continue reading FMP Photoshoot: Look 3


FMP Photoshoot: Look 2

The dress was another look that was very simple and timeless, the cut of the dress is very classic and fitted with the art deco theme. It was very tight fitted and I wanted to make it more of a modern design and added a motif to the collar and I spent time making the … Continue reading FMP Photoshoot: Look 2

FMP Mood board

Throughout this project I had a clear idea of what I wanted to create and how and I could do it, through my own research and inspiration I would collect imagery that inspired me and how this would affect my drawings and then further development my motifs and collection samples.